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VIDEO: Nicholas Latifi Not Impressed With F1 Debut Nyck de Vries

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Nyck de Vries scored 2 points during his first last minute call to race in Formula 1 for Williams. After the race his teammate Nicholas Latifi, who drove the same car and still has 0 points, wasn’t impressed…

VIDEO: Nyck de Vries Needed Help To Get Out Of His Car After Monza

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Nyck de Vries made his debut in Formula 1 during today’s race at Monza. He did brilliant in the Williams by scoring two points with P9. He was totally exhausted and had no more strenght to get out of the car. Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken Een bericht gedeeld door FORMULA 1® (@f1)

VIDEO: Nice Moment Between Verstappen & De Vries After The Race

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After the race at Monza there was this nice moment between the winner and the driver of the day.   Nyck de Vries was totally exhausted after the race and needed help to get out. Watch this footage below.

VIDEO: Most Bizarre Walk On Ever Seen By ‘Dirk van Duijvenbode’

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We all know the walk on by Dirk van Duijvenbode which is one like no other. But this weekend we got a special one we bet you have never seen before. Watch these two Dino’s entering the stage like ‘Aubergenius’ during the German Darts Open 2022.

VIDEO: F1 Supporters In Italy Singing ‘Verstappen’s Mother Is A Whore’

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During qualifying there was this group of F1 supporters in Italy who attacked the mother of Max Verstappen with this ‘song’.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Making Fun Of Journalist During Press Conference

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After today’s qualifying in Italy it was a big question how the order of the grid would look like tomorrow as there are a lot of penalties. For Max Verstappen it would be P4 according to some media while others claim it will be P7. A journalist asked about this to Max Verstappen…

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Gives Russell Middle Finger After This Moment

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Max Verstappen wasn’t happy with George Russell during Free Practice 3 at Monza. The Mercedes driver blocked the leader of the World Championship and received this middle finger from Verstappen.

VIDEO: Close Call Between Daniel Ricciardo And F1 Photographer

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During Free Practice 2 at Monza there was this close call between Daniel Ricciardo and this F1 photographer. Listen to the McLaren driver: “These f*cking idiots man… I’m happy to hit one of them.”

VIDEO: Bizarre Bounce Out 180 By James Richardson

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During the MODUS Super Series there was this bizarre 180 by James Richardson. One of his darts bounced out but still he hit a bizarre 180!

VIDEO: Incident Between Max Verstappen & Lando Norris At Monza

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Normally Max and Lando are friends but during today’s Free Practice 1 they both had this incident on track. The Red Bull driver was in a fast lap when he got blocked by the McLaren driver multiple times…